Microsoft Service Number Provides Microsoft’s Branch Office Infrastructure Solution

Microsoft BOIS refers to the Branch Office Infrastructure Solution. This is the combination of documents and tools that have been developed to offer assistance to big firms in an efficient way. On the basis of Microsoft BOIS, large companies deploy and manage Windows servers at a remote branch office. The BOIS package can be acquired from the Microsoft Download Centre. You may approach to have the technical assistance under the situation of any trouble by calling on Microsoft Customer Service Number.

What does the Microsoft BOIS perform?

Initially, you will be needed to enter the BOIS which has been in the Microsoft Server System Reference Architecture. This has the potential to purchase the power of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Service pack 1, Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2, Microsoft Virtual Server including the other Microsoft Windows server system technologies. This procedure is carried out to remove the server sprawl and minimize the complexity. The other advantages of BOIS are as below:

It offers the assistance to move network services to the hub sites in case if it is found that targeted services are capable of tolerating the low bandwidth and high latency specifically related to WAN links. But at that time it is necessary to make sure that critical business functions can perform its function even when WAN connection to the hub site becomes down for some interval.

It makes use of Automated Deployment Services and other scripts and tools to make the procedure of deploying servers at branch offices on the basis of drop shipment approach.

Further BOIS utilize the Microsoft operation manager and Microsoft System Management Server to supervise the condition of branch office servers and deploy applications on them. Apart from these, it also takes care of perform patch management and the work of other management tasks remotely from the hub sites.

Further, it applies the Microsoft System Centre Data Protection Manager to rationalize backups and make the baking of data possible to the disk rather than tape for quicker. It may be deemed as the most reliable recovery when anything happens wrong.

Note: In case if you confront with any unwanted condition regarding Microsoft BOIS then always feel free to share your problem on given Microsoft Contact Service Number without any delay.

When it comes to the setting of branch offices for any IT firm then it seems like a big task to collect information about new technologies and buy new products.  However many of the large organization have already established their branch across the country, continent according to their requirement. But for those shops which are still planning to implement their ideas of such type may take the advantage of BOIS to simplify the work of setting up the branch office IT infrastructure. By utilizing the Microsoft BOIS IT shops may carry out their plan in an economical way. This technology supports the remote sites with employees located at the head office in place of on-site.

Final Conclusion:

Initially, you may have to face trouble while taking an initiative to make use of this Microsoft BOIS technology. Howbeit, no need to be embarrassed, you may simply call on Microsoft Helpline Number to get help in this regard.

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